New – Petal Prints

I once read somewhere that if you tried to keep up with ‘trends’ you would forever be chasing your own tail. I agree, as everything always seems to be coming in or out of style! One minute it’s colour, then neutral tones, then mixing pattern, followed by floral, neon, chevron, geometric… the list is never-ending! So my belief is this, be inspired by everything. Try new things and experiment and this will lead to you finding your style. Everyone is different and everyone has things that make them smile, inspires and get their pulse racing!

For me (this week) it is floral bedlinen. It does seem to be popping up everywhere and it really does make me smile. It must be my inner girly love of liberty prints or maybe it transforms me back to my childhood and hair ties, but I’m loving it! So pretty and crisp.

Floral on floral is great. Different colours, patterns and sizes of floral pattern. Small traditional liberty patterns, mixed with larger blooms is soft, feminine and very ‘in’! What could be more inviting in a guest bedroom?! Floral prints look great with white, grey or even dark walls.

Give your own bedroom a pretty vibe with floral sheets under a white doona, mixed with a couple of non-matching floral cushions, a gorgeous floral patchwork quilt. Or go the whole hog and mix lots of florals with all of the above!

Shop the look links:

Anthropology Nosegay , Joules Sun Floral , Selina Lake’s home featured in House and Home mag¬† Find out more about ¬†Selina Lake here at her fabulous blog. She has just released a new book called “My Pretty Pastel Style” and it looks SO good! Urban Outfitters , Vintage Kantha Blanket , Kantha Quilt Tropicana , Main image – Ikea Emie Blom Bedding

I hope you’re inspired – Have a great day!